Brands by Baleco

All products by Baleco International are well vetted to be of the highest quality.  Our consistent testing is performed routinely to insure consistently.  When consistent quality products get churned out, then great results will occur in whichever body of water is treated.   The net results are customers returning to purchase all of the products made by Baleco.  

Baleco has two complete lines of pool care products to choose from, based on your market needs.   Looking to separate yourself from the crowd by making your own company brand stand out?   Inquire further with us about possibly adding your own brand of pool products.


Product chemistry includes    (but not limited to):

  • Trichlor

  • Dichlor

  • Bleach, Liquid Chlorine

  • Calcium Hypochlorite

  • Poly Algaecide

  • Quat Algaecide

  • Specialty Algaecide

  • Cleaners for surfaces, covers, filters, and more

  • Soda Ash

  • Bicarbonate

  • Sodium Bisulfate

  • Enzymes

  • Cyanuric Acid

  • Clarifiers

  • Phosphate Remover

  • ...and even more specialty chemistries