Our Story

Baleco’s history dates back to 1958, when Lee Hammersmith opened a small business out of his house called Cincinnati Soap Center. The original focus was on direct to consumer sales of household soaps and disinfectants on the west side of Cincinnati. The business quickly grew and the customer base broadened to include industrial soaps and supplies. With the business expansion came the company’s first move into to a small warehouse in Cincinnati.

In 1962 pool supplies were added to the product offering and in 1964 Penetration Ice melt was also added. These new product lines paved the way for significantly greater sales.  In early 1970 we moved into a brand new, larger facility along the Ohio River which allowed us to expand our sales area.   In 1975, the soap and ice melt businesses were sold and the name of the company was changed to Baleco International Inc.   With the name change, the company’s sole focus was the swimming pool supply business.  The sales area had expanded to the entire Midwest of the United States.

In late 1979 we moved into our current facility in North Bend, Ohio.  In the 1980’s we added injection and blow molding capabilities, as well as private label capabilities.  We use injection molding technology to manufacture a small line of plastic pool accessories.  We also added silk screen capabilities to allow for private labeling in addition to our distribution business.  We also created our first house brand – Aquamate.  In the 1990’s we added additional warehouse and production space as well as a second house brand – Maintain Pool Pro.  This new brand was created solely for the Pool Professionals.  

We continue to add new abilities such as custom paper and vinyl product labeling, and additional products to our lineup. In 2008, we celebrated our 50th year in business.  What began as a small, one man business has grown into an organization with more than 20 employees and a facility with almost 100,000 square feet.  We offer service throughout the continental US with an emphasis in the Midwest. Baleco International Inc. is a privately held, family business.  Our facility is headquartered in North Bend, Ohio just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Swimming Pool Supplies